Classically made authentic noodles in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York Times featured Hyo Dong Gak decided to leap into the concrete jungle with unfamiliar cuisines, Asian fusion.



The Beginning


Hyo Dong Gak launched its business in 2001 with its famous and beloved Jjajangmyeon, noodle with black bean sauce and Jjampong, noodle with spicy seafood soup. This new restaurant option for Koreans and other Asian immigrants led into its successful grand opening.

Now Korean Chinese fusion cuisines are not rare as it used to be and also becoming more commercialized.



The First Venture


Unique setting around New York enabled Hyo Dong Gak to grow more than just a local restaurant. It ranked up to the traditional place to try out the authentic Korean Chinese fusion food in the city. 

Rises of many hip Korean restaurants, it became the hidden gem in the Midtown. Hyo Dong Gak is stepping up its league adding sprinkle of fusion on top of the tradition.



A New Challenge


It has paved the new path, Asian fusion cuisines over Korean Chinese fusion. Considering the popularity of the cuisine amongst Korean population in New York, it is now starting to serve Thai and Vietnamese delicacies with a special Korean kick in it, and keeping the original authenticity of each and every culture at the same time.